Our Services

For organisations seeking to change their culture and embed values that reflect the needs and aspirations of women lawyers, we offer a range of tailored services, including:

  • Questionnaires and structured interview templates that identify the core issues that need to be addressed;
  • Facilitated discussion groups to explore the key questions that will lay the bedrock for effective intervention;
  • Coaching teams and individual members of teams to unite them around achieving core organisational objectives and changing the working dynamic;
  • Tailored development programmes aimed at ensuring that people are equipped with the capabilities and understanding (including recognition and management of unconscious bias) to be able to support enthusiastically the implementation of new strategies and policies.

For individuals aiming to achieve their career aspirations, we offer a range of self-development interventions including important topics such:

  • Gaining influence and making an impact.
  • Developing a visible reputation.
  • Career planning - from research to implementation.
  • Being mentored - getting value out of the relationship.

Practical Tools

  • Our information pack details a number of approaches to creating a more inclusive culture.
  • Our toolkit provides an easy-to-use set of practical aids enabling those with responsibility for driving the inclusion / diversity agenda to become effective internal business consultants.