Welcome to womenlawyers.biz

Ann Halpern, LIB, LIM

Barrister (non-practising) and founder of womenlawyers.biz

Our strategic focus

We are a specialist consultancy that focuses on helping women lawyers achieve career success.

How do we do this?

  • Working directly with organisations, we help them to retain women by creating an environment that encourages women to have career aspirations and supports them to develop and achieve those ambitions; and
  • Working directly with women lawyers, we support them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to match their ambitions.

Why just women lawyers?

We have deep firsthand experience of the legal sector and the struggle practices face to entrench the changes that will help retain and nurture female talent. We have also seen the disaffection felt by the many women lawyers who abandon cherished aspirations when they find the hurdles just too great to jump.

Our driving motivation is to transform organisations so that they give women lawyers genuine choice over their futures. There are sound business reasons for organisations to address these issues now.